Making a Photo Album to Last Through the Ages

A photo album is likened to a scrapbook or diary whereby it holds a slice of history related to the people and places within. Since many of us possess tons of photos lying about in shoes boxes, yellowing albums of yesteryears as well as computer hard disks, perhaps it is time for some elbow grease to put things in order. Whether they are pictures of graduations, weddings, holidays, anniversaries or just silly photos taken on a whim, each deserves its place in an album if it bears some significance.

It is not a hard task to learn how to make a photo album so long as you keep the fundamental elements in mind. Is it for the sake of posterity, a sort of inheritance for future generations? Perhaps it is to be a gift for a special occasion or person(s). Whatever the case may be, pick out a theme or purpose to ease the photo selection process. Assuming you can salvage your haphazard collection of photos, set aside the photos according to your theme. As you look through them, filter out those which evoke special memories. Hopefully you then have a pile of potential photos to make

Personalised Diaries Will Be Treasured All Year

Personalised diaries are a tremendous way to get your company name and logo remembered for a long time. These are the most functional and portable planning tool. They look really elegant and professional and bring a great pleasure to everyone. They also have a long lasting life and durability. They are gorgeously packaged and can be embossed and printed with the slogan or company name and make an excellent gift, for your clients and guests on different occasions, including any meetings, conferences, seminars, or other events. These items will help you get respect for your business, thus enabling you to interact with your customers in a more purposeful and valuable way.

1. Personalised diaries include photo for every week of the year, year planner page, 54 pages, durable transparent polypropylene cover and white metallic spiral binding. They provide many ways of getting your message or company logo noticed at your business meeting. These items are quite ideal for placing your brand up to get a maximum attention.

2. They come in an extensive variety of styles and sizes with a choice of exquisite colours. They are ideal for personal, company or promotional use. They are renowned

Handmade Journals and Handmade Diaries

Young boys and girls used to keep a record of their daily activities in a handmade journal or a handmade diary. They also used to write down their secrets and experiences on these materials. They treated journals as their confidants and friends. They used pens and papers to express what they usually can’t say out loud. Nonetheless, children and teenagers were not the only ones who enjoyed writing on handmade journal and handmade diary. In the past, most men and women record their daily experiences too. They even kept photos and important documents on their handmade diary. This is evident in the antique memorabilia found in museums and galleries today.

However, because of the technology we have nowadays, handmade journal and handmade diary have died out. Laptop computers and electronic notebooks have taken over. If you will look around, you will notice that very few people still use pen and paper for writing down their thoughts. Most individuals prefer to type on keyboards and read from their computer screens. Even students opt to keep their notes on an electronic gadget rather than on a handmade journal. Well, who could blame them? Modern technology makes tasks easier and

5 Custom Photo Book Styles

All offer the opportunity to customise the cover of the book while some of the more complex designs of photo book also allow you to personalise every single page and offer you the opportunity to add a presentation tin or presentation box to your order. Whether you’re looking for a photo book for yourself or as a gift for somebody else you can create exactly the design that you want.

Designing Your Own Book

Designing your own photo book gives you the freedom to create a design that you really want. While there are some online services that leave you to it, in terms of creating the design of the page and matching your photos to those designs, you can also find services that offer a more personal touch; working with your photos and your design ideas in order to create the best looking, professional photo book design possible using your selection of pictures.

1 – Digital Books

Digital photo books are high impact gift items and perfect as a long term way of storing your own photo memories. They can be customised with any style, type, and topic of photo that you wish

Quick Tips in Buying Kids Digital Camera

Remember when you had a film loaded camera and you tried to read the counter hoping that you wouldn’t run out of film. Today digital cameras are all the rage, the mega pixels are constantly improving, the designs and styles are sleek and smaller and the memory is almost unlimited. All of these features allow you to own a great camera and instant viewing of your pictures makes waiting for film to be developed a task of the past. Plus you can share pictures like never before.

If you are taking a lot of pictures chances are you are not in them, your kids are. You can capture some great kid moments and most kids love looking at them selves through a digital world. Picture taking is something that everybody can enjoy, even kids. If you are looking for a kid’s digital camera there are plenty of themed ones to choose from. Disney has captured the market and if your child has a favorite character then there is probably a camera just for them.

Digital cameras can be expensive but a kids digital camera can be found online for much cheaper, the models currently on the

Photography and Storing Photos

My first camera was given to me when around 8 years of age. It did not have a flash and it certainly was not of digital camera quality but those shots taken all that long ago are still among my favorites. They were taken on a little brownie and the prints were no bigger than around 2 inches by 3 inches in size. But the story they tell is fantastic.

Why give a camera to a child

As a child I tended to photograph anything and everything and there is a lot of history caught in the frames of some of them. Special sporting events, the Queens tour of our suburb, Bondi, and even neighbors mowing the lawn with the old fashioned push mowers were items of interest. So they captured history as well as childhood memories and that what photography is all about.

Precious shots that are worth keepin’g

Aside from that there are shots of family members who are no longer with us. Holidays and the big fish my mother caught from the pier near our holiday home, the outside dunny (toilet) and the cottage where we stayed on holidays that has