Photography and Storing Photos

My first camera was given to me when around 8 years of age. It did not have a flash and it certainly was not of digital camera quality but those shots taken all that long ago are still among my favorites. They were taken on a little brownie and the prints were no bigger than around 2 inches by 3 inches in size. But the story they tell is fantastic.

Why give a camera to a child

As a child I tended to photograph anything and everything and there is a lot of history caught in the frames of some of them. Special sporting events, the Queens tour of our suburb, Bondi, and even neighbors mowing the lawn with the old fashioned push mowers were items of interest. So they captured history as well as childhood memories and that what photography is all about.

Precious shots that are worth keepin’g

Aside from that there are shots of family members who are no longer with us. Holidays and the big fish my mother caught from the pier near our holiday home, the outside dunny (toilet) and the cottage where we stayed on holidays that has been replaced by a multi-million dollar dwelling. But at the time it was a long way from Sydney, had few facilities and was a little fibro house with practically nothing out of the ordinary. It was Australia without crowds and where we enjoyed a great life style.

Store them correctly

Those photos were stored in a bundle with a rubber band holding them together. There was no other way to save them as even photo albums were unavailable, or at least they were to me. One day I found many of them in the incinerator where my father threw the bundle to burn. The ones rescued are precious and some have scorch marks on the edges. It was beyond me to know why he did that but obviously because having been taken by a child they were not considered that important.

Encourage good practices

But your children’s memories are important and you never know when or how something will turn up in their camera to delight you. So they should have a camera and be given the opportunity to make a journal of them as well. This is a chance to encourage them to manage their photos and label them properly.