From Self-Promotion to Company Promotion

People have kept diaries for years. It is their way of cataloging the events that transpire in their lives whether they are mundane or the life-changing. Unfortunately with the onset of the digital age and all of its by-products, the popularity of these handy items has somehow suffered a decline. With the advent of the internet wherein one could easily set up a blog and rant or rave away, or with the introduction of certain gadgets like smart phones and tablet computers, which one could use as some sort of portable journal, the number of diary users has definitely taken a plunge. But there is something about these items that makes its ardent believers stick to them despite all the high-tech alternatives that are being marketed on a daily basis.

Using journals has a lot of advantages and this is why it has its loyal following. First and foremost, it allows the ancient art of handwriting to be perpetuated despite the fact that oftentimes people would rather type away on a keyboard. Some individuals actually find a different kind of satisfaction from doing the longhand form of writing using a real pen and paper. As they say, there is something therapeutic with the actual activity of writing compared to keyboard entry.

Consistent use of diaries is also an effective way for people to take time for themselves and momentarily abandon all the clutters of the outside world. This is another reason why journal-writing enthusiasts have stuck to diary writing in the midst of other modern options. This activity allows them to take a breather, listen to what their own mind has got to say about all sorts of stuff, have the chance to dispel all external influences and go back to the “self”. In doing this activity regularly, these people become more attuned to their own character and personality.

Lastly, the use of diaries is much like collecting photo albums. While these photo albums allow individuals to go back to the past with all types of images from the happy to the gloomy, journals let people record their triumphs and defeats through their own words so that later when they opt to revisit all things past, they would be reacquainted with their old selves alongside that self’s various facets, temperaments, and perspectives. Truly these items are indispensable especially for individuals who value the importance of their personal history. Journal-writing is like self-promotion and as you go through with it, you become closer to the best kind of person you are fated to become.

Aside from its personal use primarily in “self-promotion”, journals could also serve other purposes. For instance, they could easily be employed as a company or brand’s promotional item. Since these items still command loyal followers and given the fact that even non-journal users are actually quite fond of owning one of these items even if they do not intend to actually write on it, these items could definitely be effective promotional trinkets.