Making a Photo Album to Last Through the Ages

A photo album is likened to a scrapbook or diary whereby it holds a slice of history related to the people and places within. Since many of us possess tons of photos lying about in shoes boxes, yellowing albums of yesteryears as well as computer hard disks, perhaps it is time for some elbow grease to put things in order. Whether they are pictures of graduations, weddings, holidays, anniversaries or just silly photos taken on a whim, each deserves its place in an album if it bears some significance.

It is not a hard task to learn how to make a photo album so long as you keep the fundamental elements in mind. Is it for the sake of posterity, a sort of inheritance for future generations? Perhaps it is to be a gift for a special occasion or person(s). Whatever the case may be, pick out a theme or purpose to ease the photo selection process. Assuming you can salvage your haphazard collection of photos, set aside the photos according to your theme. As you look through them, filter out those which evoke special memories. Hopefully you then have a pile of potential photos to make the cut.

In selecting a suitable photo album, you have a choice of store-bought variety or home-made version. Once again, this depends on purpose, time and budget. Album in hand, arrange the photos in proper order. The most common method is usually by chronological order as human beings associate pictures to history which is dictated by time. If you have a penchant of writing, some short and sweet quips can be penned alongside the relevant photos. This creativity adds to the enjoyment of the album maker as well as audience. In the event you opted for a store-bought album, adding some trimmings on the inside and outside exudes an air of personalization. These include pressed flowers, mini mementos, ribbons or even lace work.

If a physical album is not your cup of tea, how about learning how to make a photo album in the digital sense? Similarly, you need to dig through files and folders in your hard disks, and come up with a selection of appropriate photos to match your objectives of creating an album. You can choose to present them in a digital photo organizer which resembles a conventional photo frame except that pictures automatically change within set intervals. Alternatively, register yourself onto a social networking site with photo publishing and sharing functionalities. By selecting a suitable photo album scheme, create a category and upload your photos. Start your collection of albums to share with family and friends. As a sign of respect to those with lower speed connections, it is best not to overload your web page with too many pictures. Internet etiquette in terms of pictures also dictates that picture resolution be kept to a reasonable level as high resolution images, though clear, take a much longer time to load.