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September 2018

Being Creative With Your Online Photos

Practice, practice, practice.

It costs nothing to take multiple shots with a digital camera, so experiment with different techniques. Take both horizontal and vertical shots. Zoom in and out (or reposition yourself if you don’t have a zoom lens) to see if it looks better tightly framed or at a wide angle. Practice with different vantage points. If you’re photographing children or animals crouch low to be on their level. Try taking photographs from an elevated position so that the camera is looking down on the subject. To get some great shots of an event such as a parade or festival visit the location in advance to check out the best place to position yourself.

Seek out the best light conditions

Light is probably the most important factor in taking good photos. The best light occurs early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the sun is lower. It is softer then with more contrast and the yellow magenta dominance to the hues makes them richer and more vivid. The best light often comes during a storm or after the rain so don’t limit yourself to just sunny days for photography. Rainy or misty conditions can also produce some wonderfully atmospheric photo opportunities. Also, watch how the light falls. A ray of light illuminating your subject can transform a photograph.

Frame your subject for more impact

Look for unsightly objects that detract from the main subject then see if there is a way of omitting them from the frame by repositioning yourself or the camera. Follow the rule of thirds instead of placing the main subject in the middle of the frame – it is much more aesthetically pleasing if you have it off to one side. Don’t be afraid to come in really close to a subject: it can create a bold photograph without any clutter distracting the eye.

Capture the unique or unusual details

Aim to look beyond the normal tourist shots. That world-famous historic building in front of you may be stunning but the chances are that the folks back home have seen images of it several times before. The best photographs tell a story. They can be humorous or poignant, or can just capture the essence of a place. So, don’t point your camera in the same direction as the crowds – be ever alert for those unique photo opportunities that you won’t necessarily see elsewhere. When travelling, observe the dress of the people, the food that they sell in the markets, their transport, their crafts, how they decorate their houses. By all means photograph the main sites as well, but if you include some observations of everyday life in your collection you will come back with a much more rounded photographic diary of the place you visited.

Use the manual settings on your camera

Don’t just limit yourself to your camera’s auto button. It may ensure that everything is in focus but sometimes that isn’t the most interesting effect. If something is moving then try using a slower shutter speed to capture that sense of movement. Experiment with different aperture settings too. A large aperture setting (ie smaller F number of 5.6 or less) is good for portraiture photographs as it gives greater depth of field, blurring the background and making the viewer focus on the main object or person in the frame. If your camera is semi-automatic then look for the special settings options such as sports or portraits which have pre-defined settings to give you the best picture.

Give Photo Gifts For Any Celebration

Photo gifts are an incredibly versatile option offering a superb selection of presents and gifts that can be given to any recipient to help celebrate any event, occasion, or big day. From wedding days to birthdays and from graduation to house warming, photo gifts allow such versatility in their gift giving because of how uniquely they can be personalised or customised. Add a photo or photographs, add your own text, and have a great looking and unique photo gift created that you can proudly give to any recipient.

Photo Anniversary Gifts

Photo anniversary gifts are very well received gifts because they are so personal. A wedding anniversary is a special day for any couple and one that they will usually celebrate with friends or family. Shopping for the perfect anniversary gift for any couple can prove difficult because it means finding something that both will appreciate. Canvas prints, photo books, and photo albums can all be turned into beautiful anniversary gifts.

Personalised Birthday Presents

Photo gift ideas include items for him, items for her and items for couples. Photo gifts can be personal items or they can be used to give the recipient’s home a huge dose of personalisation. With so many different items offering incredible levels of personalisation it should be easy to find the perfect item for any birthday – be it a tenth birthday or a 110th celebration and whether it’s for a sibling or a friend, parent or grandparent.

Customised Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where we are all openly encouraged to buy special gifts for the one we love. Photo gifts have become a popular Valentine’s gift and allow you to add a picture of the two of you together, or a picture of the recipient. Custom handbags and purses can make great gifts for her, while laptop bags, diaries, and photo canvases are the perfect gift selections for men.

House Warming Gifts

Moving house is a major event in any individual or family’s life. While it is considered to be one of the most stressful days of a person’s life it is also one of the biggest and most exciting days. The giving of house warming gifts is traditional between family members as well as friends and there is a great selection of photo items that can be given to any recipient to help them celebrate the move. Personalised home décor such as roller blinds and folding screens, as well as items of wall art such as the photo canvas are the most obvious and enjoyable examples.

A Stunning Selection Of Photo Items For Any Event

Photo gifts are extremely versatile in many ways. They can be completely customised making them the perfect choice to give to any recipient and also for any major event, celebration, or occasion. Items range from personalise gifts like custom handbags and purses to home furnishings like photo cushions and photo blankets but these are only some of the personalised photo items that you can customise to include a favourite photo.

Making a Photo Album to Last Through the Ages

A photo album is likened to a scrapbook or diary whereby it holds a slice of history related to the people and places within. Since many of us possess tons of photos lying about in shoes boxes, yellowing albums of yesteryears as well as computer hard disks, perhaps it is time for some elbow grease to put things in order. Whether they are pictures of graduations, weddings, holidays, anniversaries or just silly photos taken on a whim, each deserves its place in an album if it bears some significance.

It is not a hard task to learn how to make a photo album so long as you keep the fundamental elements in mind. Is it for the sake of posterity, a sort of inheritance for future generations? Perhaps it is to be a gift for a special occasion or person(s). Whatever the case may be, pick out a theme or purpose to ease the photo selection process. Assuming you can salvage your haphazard collection of photos, set aside the photos according to your theme. As you look through them, filter out those which evoke special memories. Hopefully you then have a pile of potential photos to make the cut.

In selecting a suitable photo album, you have a choice of store-bought variety or home-made version. Once again, this depends on purpose, time and budget. Album in hand, arrange the photos in proper order. The most common method is usually by chronological order as human beings associate pictures to history which is dictated by time. If you have a penchant of writing, some short and sweet quips can be penned alongside the relevant photos. This creativity adds to the enjoyment of the album maker as well as audience. In the event you opted for a store-bought album, adding some trimmings on the inside and outside exudes an air of personalization. These include pressed flowers, mini mementos, ribbons or even lace work.

If a physical album is not your cup of tea, how about learning how to make a photo album in the digital sense? Similarly, you need to dig through files and folders in your hard disks, and come up with a selection of appropriate photos to match your objectives of creating an album. You can choose to present them in a digital photo organizer which resembles a conventional photo frame except that pictures automatically change within set intervals. Alternatively, register yourself onto a social networking site with photo publishing and sharing functionalities. By selecting a suitable photo album scheme, create a category and upload your photos. Start your collection of albums to share with family and friends. As a sign of respect to those with lower speed connections, it is best not to overload your web page with too many pictures. Internet etiquette in terms of pictures also dictates that picture resolution be kept to a reasonable level as high resolution images, though clear, take a much longer time to load.

Personalised Diaries Will Be Treasured All Year

Personalised diaries are a tremendous way to get your company name and logo remembered for a long time. These are the most functional and portable planning tool. They look really elegant and professional and bring a great pleasure to everyone. They also have a long lasting life and durability. They are gorgeously packaged and can be embossed and printed with the slogan or company name and make an excellent gift, for your clients and guests on different occasions, including any meetings, conferences, seminars, or other events. These items will help you get respect for your business, thus enabling you to interact with your customers in a more purposeful and valuable way.

1. Personalised diaries include photo for every week of the year, year planner page, 54 pages, durable transparent polypropylene cover and white metallic spiral binding. They provide many ways of getting your message or company logo noticed at your business meeting. These items are quite ideal for placing your brand up to get a maximum attention.

2. They come in an extensive variety of styles and sizes with a choice of exquisite colours. They are ideal for personal, company or promotional use. They are renowned worldwide for their design and quality and you can use them as business gifts or incentives. These diaries with your brand name can easily create popularity and brand awareness among many people.

3. They are available in massive range and are all reasonably priced to suit your budgets. Personalised diaries look really impressive with shiny flimsy card covers. They always make a nice gift for your sales team to hand out at Christmas and can market your business identity quite effectively.

4. They are available in a many colours including black, red, burgundy, blue, green, and tan. You can give them to your staff, clients or delegates as a way of appreciation. They are ideal promotional item, to put your name in front of your valuable customers almost every day of the year. These diaries will also help you to mark your presence anywhere, anytime.

5. These items are quite trendy and practical. They look quite stunning and allow an elegant way to make an authoritative impression. They all have fabulous designs, vibrant colours, and with your company logo and credentials, on top of the cover, these diaries make an ideal corporate gift. These are highly reliable promotional products, which will help you achieve all your marketing objectives.

Personalised diaries are great for recording information and are quite commonly used by students and teachers, at school. These items are quite ideal to fit any marketing budget and with the help of your logo, you can really transform them into a powerful personalised item. This will help you make a great first impression on your valued customers and clients. They provide many opportunities to spread your company message across a significant area to target your audience, and enable you to establish a good reputation for your company or organisation. They also help your business to succeed in a competitive global market.