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August 2018

Handmade Journals and Handmade Diaries

Young boys and girls used to keep a record of their daily activities in a handmade journal or a handmade diary. They also used to write down their secrets and experiences on these materials. They treated journals as their confidants and friends. They used pens and papers to express what they usually can’t say out loud. Nonetheless, children and teenagers were not the only ones who enjoyed writing on handmade journal and handmade diary. In the past, most men and women record their daily experiences too. They even kept photos and important documents on their handmade diary. This is evident in the antique memorabilia found in museums and galleries today.

However, because of the technology we have nowadays, handmade journal and handmade diary have died out. Laptop computers and electronic notebooks have taken over. If you will look around, you will notice that very few people still use pen and paper for writing down their thoughts. Most individuals prefer to type on keyboards and read from their computer screens. Even students opt to keep their notes on an electronic gadget rather than on a handmade journal. Well, who could blame them? Modern technology makes tasks easier and faster to accomplish. Saving memos on computers is also more convenient. Almost everything is literally just a click away.

Fortunately, the handmade industry has resurfaced; that is why handmade journal as well as handmade diary have become popular once again. More and more people are trying their best to help save the environment. As much as possible, they refrain from buying things that can contribute to the destruction of nature. So, they buy things that are made from recycled materials instead. If you want to partake in this good cause and earn money at the same time, you can start selling handmade journal and handmade diary. You can sell from home, at fairs, and even on the Internet. You just have to make sure that you get the necessary permits and documents before you start your venture. You also have to market well.

The old-fashioned way of keeping notes, schedules, and contact numbers is trendy. So, you can be sure that people will appreciate your handmade journal. A handmade diary also makes a great gift. The feeling of writing on handmade and recycled paper is hard to describe. There is a sense of oneness with nature. An individual who writes on a handmade diary also gets the feeling of travelling back in time. Plus, she gets to dump all her worries and thoughts on paper. Moreover, a handmade journal is better than an electronic gadget because it can store vital information for much longer. Computers may break down and lose everything stored in them, but journals and diaries can keep entries forever.

5 Custom Photo Book Styles

All offer the opportunity to customise the cover of the book while some of the more complex designs of photo book also allow you to personalise every single page and offer you the opportunity to add a presentation tin or presentation box to your order. Whether you’re looking for a photo book for yourself or as a gift for somebody else you can create exactly the design that you want.

Designing Your Own Book

Designing your own photo book gives you the freedom to create a design that you really want. While there are some online services that leave you to it, in terms of creating the design of the page and matching your photos to those designs, you can also find services that offer a more personal touch; working with your photos and your design ideas in order to create the best looking, professional photo book design possible using your selection of pictures.

1 – Digital Books

Digital photo books are high impact gift items and perfect as a long term way of storing your own photo memories. They can be customised with any style, type, and topic of photo that you wish including family photos, holiday snaps, and baby pictures as well as many others. Customise the cover and choose a photo for every side of the photo book design. You can even have a presentation box made using another photo and you can choose the colour for the pine, headband, and ribbon.

2 – Wedding Guest Books

Guest books can be personalised with a photo cover and your selection of column headers to include on each page. They will typically hold between 200 and 400 entries although this will depend on the design and headings that you choose. Personalised guest books are great for guest houses, hotels, and other establishments but they are especially useful as wedding guest books that allow the guests from your big day to sign their name and leave a personal message for you.

3 – Your Life Birthday Books

Photo books can be turned into beautiful looking gift items too. Create a Your Life birthday book by having the name of the recipient printed on the cover and then selecting either a photo album or book style layout. The photo album allows for self mounted pictures to be added while the photo book provides borderless printing on every single page.

4 – Book Of Love Photo Books

The Book of Love is another unique book design. The 250gsm soft cover is personalised with a photo and you can add pictures to each of the 160gsm silk art pages. Each photo covers an entire side of the book, and the design layout for this book means that you can add a photo to the left side and a personal message to the right which accompanies the picture.

5 – Notebooks, Journals, Diaries, And Address Books

Photo books can also be functional as well as heartfelt, personalised, and beautiful. Address books are useful for storing phone numbers and addresses while journals can be used for keeping notes, writing shopping lists, and more. Diaries with personalised covers include many pages of information and even maps and all of these include a customised front cover too.

Quick Tips in Buying Kids Digital Camera

Remember when you had a film loaded camera and you tried to read the counter hoping that you wouldn’t run out of film. Today digital cameras are all the rage, the mega pixels are constantly improving, the designs and styles are sleek and smaller and the memory is almost unlimited. All of these features allow you to own a great camera and instant viewing of your pictures makes waiting for film to be developed a task of the past. Plus you can share pictures like never before.

If you are taking a lot of pictures chances are you are not in them, your kids are. You can capture some great kid moments and most kids love looking at them selves through a digital world. Picture taking is something that everybody can enjoy, even kids. If you are looking for a kid’s digital camera there are plenty of themed ones to choose from. Disney has captured the market and if your child has a favorite character then there is probably a camera just for them.

Digital cameras can be expensive but a kids digital camera can be found online for much cheaper, the models currently on the market are designed with kids in mind. That doesn’t mean that a kid shouldn’t have a digital camera but they do need to know how it works and that it should not be dropped or abused. The rules that apply to the way they treat their other electronic devices should suffice.

Since kids love to take pictures having a digital camera will give them a chance to practice their shutter bug skills and it will free up your camera. Kids are always learning how to do stuff and since hands on gives them a better understanding you might find them really excelling at picture taking. A kid’s digital camera should not cost a lot, its best to shop for a used one or a themed one that they will take care of. Mega pixels don’t really matter to kids so buying them the latest and greatest won’t impress them too much.

Once you find a digital kids camera that you both agree on, work with your child on how to use it. They will soon learn the procedures and then you can let them start discovering their world through a lens, then sit back and learn how they see things. It’s a great way to learn from your kids on how they view fun, beauty and seriousness.

If your children take their camera with them on an outing make sure to help remind them to keep it close and safe. It might become a visual diary of their lives so don’t be too surprised when you see pictures that don’t make any sense to you; they are expressing themselves through a new art form. You can also encourage them to draw pictures they have taken or write stories about the people in their digital library.

It’s best to buy the equipment that allows them to transfer their pictures to a computer or digital photo album. Buy a digital card so they can take lots of pictures and a digital card reader/writer so they can learn how to make folders of their new found fun. The brand of camera doesn’t matter so don’t get caught up in the brand war. Just find one that they are happy with and see what unfolds when they are behind the camera.

Photography and Storing Photos

My first camera was given to me when around 8 years of age. It did not have a flash and it certainly was not of digital camera quality but those shots taken all that long ago are still among my favorites. They were taken on a little brownie and the prints were no bigger than around 2 inches by 3 inches in size. But the story they tell is fantastic.

Why give a camera to a child

As a child I tended to photograph anything and everything and there is a lot of history caught in the frames of some of them. Special sporting events, the Queens tour of our suburb, Bondi, and even neighbors mowing the lawn with the old fashioned push mowers were items of interest. So they captured history as well as childhood memories and that what photography is all about.

Precious shots that are worth keepin’g

Aside from that there are shots of family members who are no longer with us. Holidays and the big fish my mother caught from the pier near our holiday home, the outside dunny (toilet) and the cottage where we stayed on holidays that has been replaced by a multi-million dollar dwelling. But at the time it was a long way from Sydney, had few facilities and was a little fibro house with practically nothing out of the ordinary. It was Australia without crowds and where we enjoyed a great life style.

Store them correctly

Those photos were stored in a bundle with a rubber band holding them together. There was no other way to save them as even photo albums were unavailable, or at least they were to me. One day I found many of them in the incinerator where my father threw the bundle to burn. The ones rescued are precious and some have scorch marks on the edges. It was beyond me to know why he did that but obviously because having been taken by a child they were not considered that important.

Encourage good practices

But your children’s memories are important and you never know when or how something will turn up in their camera to delight you. So they should have a camera and be given the opportunity to make a journal of them as well. This is a chance to encourage them to manage their photos and label them properly.