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Travel Journals – Today’s Diary Is Tomorrow’s History

What if you used a trip diary to record a different kind of travel – a journey into the milestones of your life or the lives of loved ones? Did you ever think that your everyday life is an adventure worth preserving?

We travel for lots of reasons, such as to enrich our lives, to relax, or to visit friends and family. Travel journals are the perfect tool to capture our travel experiences, so we can preserve them and relive them.

Historians use diaries to gain information about the past. A good example is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. Her father’s restlessness caused the Ingalls family to move across the Unites States, which became the basis of these famous books. A more tragic story comes from one of the most famous journals, The Diary of Anne Frank. The author described a journey that forever left a mark on history.

What do Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder have in common? Neither knew they were making history when they started their journals. Both of these girls lived extraordinary lives but started out writing about ordinary circumstances. When Anne Frank made her first diary entry, she wrote about her birthday. She did not know that her diary would become a book and historical document.

The words ‘journey’ and ‘journal’ come from the same root, from the French word meaning “a day.” Anne Frank and Laura Ingalls Wilder captured the journey of a day. All those days added up to a legacy.

What if you were to start your journal as travel of a day? Can you imagine what you would have if you wrote one sentence and took a photo of something, every day for one year? Perhaps you start out recording the ordinary, but if something extraordinary happened, it would be easy to write about it since you have already begun your daily journal.

You could concentrate on special events, such as social and family gatherings, trips, family traditions, holidays, or historical moments. Perhaps you could write about tiny trips, such as going to a movie or out to dinner. These may not seem important now, but can you imagine your grandchildren reading what you wrote?

What if you made this a family project? Imagine what you would have if every night before bedtime, your children wrote something about their day? In these days of economic uncertainty, a keepsake like this would be priceless.

If you want to, you may add photos to your journey journal. You can keep them on a CD or DVD and store them in a pocket in your diary. If your journal doesn’t have a pocket page, you can attach a CD sleeve to the inside back cover.

You can start your armchair travel anytime. Your birthday, the New Year, or today. Remember, you are capturing history, and history does not make an appointment. So why not start now? You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Oscar Wilde wrote, said, “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” Perhaps your journal will not make for sensational reading now, but later, when the memories are cold and forgotten, you will have created a legacy.

Tips to Keep a Photo Journal

For those who are interesting in photography and journaling, it is very common to combine these two activities to be photo journaling. In this activity, you can take some photos that record your trips, events, or other special events. A photo journal can document the history of your experience that you can keep forever. At this time, this article will give you some tips for keeping a photo journal.

The first thing that you have to do is to get your photo journal to be organized. You also need to make a plan on how you want the journal to look. You can choose from online journal, printed journal, or a computerized photo journal. Besides, do not forget to decide how many times you want to place entry into your photo journal.

Secondly, you need to choose the topic. You can make a journal by event or by date. If you want to create a regular journal or diary, you can add a photo each day so that the photos will depict your day. Or, you can make your journal by topic when you want to create a journal of special event in your life like birth or a wedding. Additionally, you also can set up a topic journal that represents your hobby like gardening.

Thirdly, you have to determine your goal. Some people may make photo journal for keeping history. However, for some journalists make photographs and write about certain events to share their feelings.

Fourthly, you can share online so that other people will also enjoy your photos. You can join some sites that allow you to upload photo each day. By adding captions to your photo, people who see your picture will know the location, the event, and also the date when the photo is taken.

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You can then add text and other elements to the design in order to create unique birthday gifts for women that look great, and in many cases offer functionality and usefulness as well as form. All personalised photo gifts can be customised to include a photo in this way and we’ve highlighted some of the best ones available below.

Photo Handbags

What woman doesn’t like a new handbag? Why not use a picture of the recipient and have them turned into a piece of pop art before being printed on the photo handbag? You can then write a brief birthday message and have this printed on the reverse of the bag. As well as handbags you may choose pouch purses, shopping bags, and makeup bags as well as many other unique personalised bags.

Photo Notebooks And Journals

Notebooks and journals are functional and useful and you can customise them to make them ideal birthday gifts for women. Add a photo of your wife to create a beautiful gift for her birthday. Notebooks, journals, diaries, and address books are just some of the types of book that can be converted into personalised birthday gifts for women.

Canvas Prints

The canvas print is so much useful as it is beautiful. It is literally a piece of wall art and it can be customised with a photo or design of your choosing. As well as being able to use a photo of the recipient you can use a piece of their favourite artwork, or you could use a piece of their artwork or design and create something extra special that only they will ever own. Canvas prints come in bespoke dimensions so you can order one to fill a precise spot or an entire wall.

All personalised photo gifts can be customised to include a photo in this way and we’ve highlighted some of the best ones available below.

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Memory And Recipe Journal

Remember the first time you started a diary? Maybe you were 10 or 13 and you had that quaint little book with the special lock and key. Oh the stories you would write; that cute boy who kept looking at you in the cafeteria. Remember what the lunch ladies were serving that day? Whatever it was, I’m sure you still get a quick flashback whenever you eat the same thing today.

You could do the same thing now – this very minute. It would be a loving way to hand down all those thoughts, memories, traditions and recipes to your children and loved ones.

I t doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you live. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or ten children or if you have any children at all. You could do this for yourself and for other family members. Keeping a diary of one’s history is a way to celebrate family, tradition and culture, from generation to generation.

Most families have their own particular way of celebrating holidays, special occasions, or just everyday life. You do things a certain way, you take pictures; you keep cards and mementos and prepare foods that everyone enjoys and relates to in certain times in your life.

Do you remember your mother’s favorite dish to prepare? The one you always asked her to make? Can you prepare it? Do you remember that one special time when she made your favorite dish? Was it your birthday? Your graduation? Your wedding?

In Mexican American tradition (old school), most recipes weren’t written down. As children, we observed, tasted and relished the final outcome. Years later we remember when Abuelo Paco celebrated his 90th birthday and the whole family was there, all 200 of them.

Everyone brought his or her favorite dish. Your mom prepared her delicious tequila marinated brisket and your grandmother (your Abuelita) made her melt in your mouth biscochos, except you had to roll out the dough and cut out the cookies because her arthritis was bothering her. Your uncles prepared salsa, margaritas, chile con queso and calabasitas (squash). Your tias (aunts) made macaroni salad, chile verde and chile colorado – American style, because, after all, we are living in the US of A.

Tears fill out eyes and there’s a gentle heaviness in our hearts. We remember, so we decide to celebrate again by preparing those same dishes that were made on such a special occasion with a lot of love and caring.

The years pass by quickly and sometimes we forget until for some reason or another we start rummaging through an old photo box. Suddenly your hear the sound of the mariachis playing “Las Mananitas” for Abuelo Paco. You picture Tia in that funky blue dress with all the sequins, the one that made her feel like a prom queen. Before you know it, you can actually smell the salsa, the brisket, the margaritas and the Mexican beers. You just can’t get over how you haven’t thought about that particular day in years. And of course, this bubbles up other forgotten memories.

You promise yourself you’ll never forget them again and that you’ll tell your kids or your husband or your best friend about those wonderful times. But life goes on. The stories and those special recipes are never shared. Perhaps it’s time to do something about that.

Promise yourself to make time, 15 or 30 minutes a day or every other day, whatever time you can spare, to record those memories and recipes – diary style. Do as much or as little as you want. But do it. You don’t need to find a publisher to leave a legacy for your family. You can do it yourself. As elaborate or as simple as you want. I promise you that when your kids open up that journal and start reading, the same feelings and emotions that ran through you remembering Abuelo Paco will be tugging at their heartstrings. Celebrate your family through the generations. Enjoy the moments and record the history.

Pimping Your Scrapbook With Photos

Weddings are a lot of fun, not just because it’s a memorable day, but because it’s an event that would make different wedding scrapbook ideas very easy to think of. Since scrapbooking is also sometimes called a photographic diary and all weddings have photos, creating a completely unique scrapbook for your wedding may be a little hard. Again, no one would like a wedding scrapbook without photos, so what can you do to make a scrapbook and give it a little taste of your own? Here are some wedding scrapbook ideas.

The fact that weddings are very important in everyone’s life makes it an event that can never happen without photos. Who wouldn’t want a picture of a kiss at the altar? Or a photo of the first dance? All weddings have photos and that’s what would make some wedding scrapbook ideas very appropriate.

Just for your wedding scrapbook, why not hire a special artistic photographer? Not just the one taking pictures at special activities, but a real photographer who specializes in creative photography? When you have your photographer, let them print photos in black and white for a dramatic look. Sepia can be a very sexy and appealing scrapbook look as well. Allow the photographer to play with your photos for a set of really unique photos. During the wedding, don’t forget to tell the photographer to take stolen pictures. Stolen pictures bring out life and love in just one click. When you have artistic photographers working especially on stolen photos, even pictures bring out the real emotions.

Being Creative With Your Online Photos

Practice, practice, practice.

It costs nothing to take multiple shots with a digital camera, so experiment with different techniques. Take both horizontal and vertical shots. Zoom in and out (or reposition yourself if you don’t have a zoom lens) to see if it looks better tightly framed or at a wide angle. Practice with different vantage points. If you’re photographing children or animals crouch low to be on their level. Try taking photographs from an elevated position so that the camera is looking down on the subject. To get some great shots of an event such as a parade or festival visit the location in advance to check out the best place to position yourself.

Seek out the best light conditions

Light is probably the most important factor in taking good photos. The best light occurs early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the sun is lower. It is softer then with more contrast and the yellow magenta dominance to the hues makes them richer and more vivid. The best light often comes during a storm or after the rain so don’t limit yourself to just sunny days for photography. Rainy or misty conditions can also produce some wonderfully atmospheric photo opportunities. Also, watch how the light falls. A ray of light illuminating your subject can transform a photograph.

Frame your subject for more impact

Look for unsightly objects that detract from the main subject then see if there is a way of omitting them from the frame by repositioning yourself or the camera. Follow the rule of thirds instead of placing the main subject in the middle of the frame – it is much more aesthetically pleasing if you have it off to one side. Don’t be afraid to come in really close to a subject: it can create a bold photograph without any clutter distracting the eye.

Capture the unique or unusual details

Aim to look beyond the normal tourist shots. That world-famous historic building in front of you may be stunning but the chances are that the folks back home have seen images of it several times before. The best photographs tell a story. They can be humorous or poignant, or can just capture the essence of a place. So, don’t point your camera in the same direction as the crowds – be ever alert for those unique photo opportunities that you won’t necessarily see elsewhere. When travelling, observe the dress of the people, the food that they sell in the markets, their transport, their crafts, how they decorate their houses. By all means photograph the main sites as well, but if you include some observations of everyday life in your collection you will come back with a much more rounded photographic diary of the place you visited.

Use the manual settings on your camera

Don’t just limit yourself to your camera’s auto button. It may ensure that everything is in focus but sometimes that isn’t the most interesting effect. If something is moving then try using a slower shutter speed to capture that sense of movement. Experiment with different aperture settings too. A large aperture setting (ie smaller F number of 5.6 or less) is good for portraiture photographs as it gives greater depth of field, blurring the background and making the viewer focus on the main object or person in the frame. If your camera is semi-automatic then look for the special settings options such as sports or portraits which have pre-defined settings to give you the best picture.

Give Photo Gifts For Any Celebration

Photo gifts are an incredibly versatile option offering a superb selection of presents and gifts that can be given to any recipient to help celebrate any event, occasion, or big day. From wedding days to birthdays and from graduation to house warming, photo gifts allow such versatility in their gift giving because of how uniquely they can be personalised or customised. Add a photo or photographs, add your own text, and have a great looking and unique photo gift created that you can proudly give to any recipient.

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Photo anniversary gifts are very well received gifts because they are so personal. A wedding anniversary is a special day for any couple and one that they will usually celebrate with friends or family. Shopping for the perfect anniversary gift for any couple can prove difficult because it means finding something that both will appreciate. Canvas prints, photo books, and photo albums can all be turned into beautiful anniversary gifts.

Personalised Birthday Presents

Photo gift ideas include items for him, items for her and items for couples. Photo gifts can be personal items or they can be used to give the recipient’s home a huge dose of personalisation. With so many different items offering incredible levels of personalisation it should be easy to find the perfect item for any birthday – be it a tenth birthday or a 110th celebration and whether it’s for a sibling or a friend, parent or grandparent.

Customised Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where we are all openly encouraged to buy special gifts for the one we love. Photo gifts have become a popular Valentine’s gift and allow you to add a picture of the two of you together, or a picture of the recipient. Custom handbags and purses can make great gifts for her, while laptop bags, diaries, and photo canvases are the perfect gift selections for men.

House Warming Gifts

Moving house is a major event in any individual or family’s life. While it is considered to be one of the most stressful days of a person’s life it is also one of the biggest and most exciting days. The giving of house warming gifts is traditional between family members as well as friends and there is a great selection of photo items that can be given to any recipient to help them celebrate the move. Personalised home décor such as roller blinds and folding screens, as well as items of wall art such as the photo canvas are the most obvious and enjoyable examples.

A Stunning Selection Of Photo Items For Any Event

Photo gifts are extremely versatile in many ways. They can be completely customised making them the perfect choice to give to any recipient and also for any major event, celebration, or occasion. Items range from personalise gifts like custom handbags and purses to home furnishings like photo cushions and photo blankets but these are only some of the personalised photo items that you can customise to include a favourite photo.